Signing_of_Treaty_of_Ghent_(1812) forestier

This painting by the English court painter Forestier has been painted for the centennial of the Treaty. Forestier has painted a reconstruction on the basis of documentation which was send to him by his correspondents.

What's the Treaty of Ghent?

The Treaty of Ghent was signed in the city at the old Carthusian monastery of Meerhem on 24th December 1814. The treaty put a formal end to the state of war that had existed between Great Britain and the United States of America since 1812.

What's the origin of this website?

This website of the Fellows of the Treaty of Ghent is the heir of the Treaty of Ghent Association website. The original association focused up to 2014 on the bicentennial anniversary of this all important treaty for the USA, Canada and the UK, written in 1814 in Ghent, Belgium 

Not that many transatlantic people are aware that Ghent in Belgium exists as a vibrant city, attracting more and more tourists where the historic places of the Treaty still exist and are officially commemorated. 

What's the aim of this website?

This website is mainly focused on the North American public to facilitate the communication and knowledge of Ghent's part in the historical events.

This website will connect you with :

the historical background,
the premises, 
the visitor tours,
the archives
and will help you if you plan to visit the city of Ghent

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peace_treaty_of_ghent affiche1
Peace, allegory of the Treaty of Ghent, 24th December 1814, by John Rubens Smith (1775-1849)