The 'Treaty of Ghent Fellowship', an unincorporated association, is the direct heir of the Treaty of Ghent Association, which was responsible for the commemorating activities prior to Christmas 2014. The fellowship connects people who want to continue remembering the Treaty of Ghent and facilitate the connections between the USA, Canada and Ghent.

Who manages the Fellowship ?

Lucrèce Van Hamme, tel. +32 (0)475 76 60 83, organized most events in recent years and takes the lead in the Fellowship Association. Each fellow is welcome to assist her with ideas, advice and assistance.

How do I become a Fellow ?

Anyone who is interested can join (and can also step out whenever he/she wishes). Send a mail to Lucrèce Van Hamme  (lucrecevanhamme@hotmail.comAND deposit 10 Euro to the account of the Fellowship: IBAN BE22 1430 9308 5547 with the mention 'I want to become a Fellow of the Treaty of Ghent'. Once your payment has reached us an e-mail will be sent for confirmation.

What are the objectives of the Fellows association ?

 a) to preserve the "legacy" of the Treaty by maintaining a new website where foreign and domestic "Treaty" news is incorporated. As such, the website becomes the central point for historical input.

 b) Once a year, a meeting for all "Fellows" wil be organised. We were thinking of a night, where a speaker can captivate us with an interesting topic, some interesting attraction to visit and followed by a "Meet and Greet" for all, coupled with a nice dinner.


Each year, this contribution is needed for the website with information about the Treaty and the Fellows (to maintain the domain name, website hosting ...) and for small organisational costs.